Trujoi Music

TruJoi Music is the umbrella under which Valerie Joi conducts her music business, whether it be publishing, performance, production, education or facilitation. The mission of TruJoi Music is to empower leadership through song. Its name represents a reminder to live an inspired life in which one’s joy is true. Through TruJoi, Valerie Joi sings, plays, produces, coaches, teaches and directs.

Click on the links below for more information on each aspect of TruJoi Music and Valerie Joi’s work:

  • Performance  Detailed descriptions of Valerie Joi’s musical projects, including photos, videos and sample tracks.
  • Production  Overview of Valerie Joi’s approach and experience as a producer, including list of projects and testimonials.
  • Education & Facilitation  Valerie Joi’s philosophy as an educator, plus descriptions of her workshops, curriculum, and facilitation.
  • Private Coaching  As a coach, Valerie Joi’s goal is to empower people in living an authentic, joy-filled life.
  • Lyrics and sheet music coming soon.

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