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Valerie Joi’s approach to production is influenced by her experience in coaching and musical directing. She encourages artists to be their true, most authentic selves, while demanding excellence. And she supports artists to reach higher, and go deeper, while giving them tools to do so. True expression of the soul is her goal and her gift is in helping those with whom she works to become instruments through which music plays.

Valerie Joi’s talent as a producer stems from years of experience in composing and arranging, leading bands and choirs, and creating and listening to music. She has an uncanny ability to hear where a project has the potential to go, and she has the musical means to take it there, via performance coaching, vocal and instrumental arrangements, a deep understanding and feel for the groove and role of a rhythm section, knowledge of ProTools and the art of post-production mixing. And, as anyone who has sung in her choir — or played in her band — can attest, she has “bionic ears”, honed by years of directing mass choirs, as well as composing and arranging for all types of groups.

List of Production Recordings

  • CD: Singing the Sacred Yes – Valerie Joi (2006)
  • CD: Remembering to Remember: Hymns for the Soul – Valerie Joi and Tammy Hall (2011)
  • CD and DVD: Honoring the Journey – The Carnegie Hall Encore Concert – Jacqueline Hairston, The Inner Light Choir and the Jacqueline Hairston Ensemble CD – Inner Light Ministries (2012)
  • CD: Blessed Be – Kath Robinson (2014)

Sample List of Production Events

  • UC Santa Cruz Gospel Choir Winter and Spring Quarter concerts – 2004 to Present
  • The Dawn of the New Day – Inner Light Choir (2012)
  • Honoring the Journey – The Carnegie Hall Encore Concert (2013)