After completing my first year of doctoral studies, an upcoming wedding and experiencing the milestone of finally moving into the production phase of my recording project…I’m different. I’m thinking differently about what I want to contribute to the planet and what energy I am bringing to my life, my family and my home. I feel a stronger sense of responsibility and certainly in our current political climate, I feel a fierce sense of urgency. We need to change our focus. Yes, please, please stay woke! Pay attention. Know what’s going on in your local and global communities. AND resistance in the context of duality (us vs. them) will never work. And if we don’t shift the global focus from duality to Oneness, our greed and violence will result in the elimination of more and more species of life, including us. Seriously.

So what does this have to do with coaching? To be honest, I’m on a mission. As a Spiritual Coach, my goal is to empower people to be their best selves, live a joy-filled life and make their own authentic contribution to the planet because I truly believe that it is necessary for our survival. I truly believe that we are the ones that we have been waiting for. In this critical time in history, it is not only our individual and collective responsibility to SHINE OUR LIGHT as brightly as we possibly can. SHINING OUR LIGHT is also a legitimate and significant form of social justice activism that the world needs. So that’s why I coach. I want to support people to allow their hearts to sing, because I believe that if we want a world that truly works for everyone, it is important that we – all people – stand in our power, in the fullness of who we are. If you want to talk about this further, please feel free to email me at and let’s see how we can move forward together.